5 Woocommerce Extensions & Plugins to Extend Your Stores Functionality

by | Nov 20, 2018 | Web Design

If you’ve ever considered starting your own business, especially if it involves selling goods or services, you’ve likely come across the thought of developing your own ecommerce storefront. When it comes to which platform to use one of the most widely used is Woocommerce, an ecommerce plugin that can be added onto WordPress. As of November 20th, 2019 Woocommerce.com states there have been nearly 55.5 million downloads of the famed plugin. Woocommerce can have a steep learning curve fresh out of the box, however, being that it is also free and comes with a large library of available child theme design, plugins, integration, and extensions makes it a very appealing platform to use when creating an online shop.

Today we’re going to be looking at some Woocomerce extensions that can help further the functionality of your Woocommerce shop.

Facebook for Woocommerce

Facebook for Woocommerce provides two main features that I utilize throughout my online stores. The first main component it adds is the addition of a Facebook Pixel to your Woocommerce store. This is great for its use in retargeting Facebook ads for anyone who has visited your shop. There are a number of different actions that the Pixel can look out for and catalog. Including: . The second feature this plugin provides is generating a catalog of your products directly onto your Facebook page. This allows people to view the items available on your Woocommerce shop directly on your Facebook page itself. This can help generate new business by providing a quick way for potential customers to see your catalog directly within Facebook.

Price: Free

Facebook for Woocommerce Backend Settings


Jilt’s primary function is helping stores recover abandoned carts. This is done by logging all abandoned carts and giving the shop owner the ability to send custom tailored reminder emails to each abandoned cart owner. The user needs to provide their email during the checkout process in order for this to take place, so guest checkout carts do tend to cause this plugin to lose some of its functionality. Jilt’s real beauty is in the fact that this can all be done automatically, you don’t need to physically be handling all of the emails. It also can send follow up emails to previous customers whom had already made a purchase in the store, to entice them to revisit the shop and possible make another purchase.

Price: Free for up to 50 customer emails, $29 per month for more than 50

Jilt Cart Abandonment Backend Reports


Fomo helps provide ‘social proof’ to your store in the form of small pop ups that you can control that showcase some of the latest actions that have taken place in your storefront. For example, if someone recently purchase a product you are offering, you can use Fomo to generate a small pop up that highlights this purchase for anyone currently visiting your website. This ‘social proof’ can help convert currently shopping customers by providing a sense of authenticity that there are others out there shopping on your site, just like them. Fomo offers various customization options, ability to change frequency, speed of delivery, pages it is displayed on, as well as Google Analytics integration for further data and research options.

Price: Starting at $39 per month

Fomo Social Proofing Home Page

Mailchimp for Woocommerce

Mailchimp for Woocommerce allows you to create email subscriber lists of all of your customers. It allows you to provide opt-in abilities for new customers to join a mailing list, thus allowing you as a shop owner to send them targeted email newsletters with coupons or new item arrivals. Mailchimp has a very robust system in place which can help you segment varying types of customers for newsletters. It shares a few qualities with the Jilt plugin mentioned above, both can help with sending email reminders to those who may have had an abandoned cart or to send follow up emails to previous customers.

Price: Free

Mailchimp for Woocommerce Backend Settings

Woocommerce Google Analytics Integration

Woocommerce Google Analytics Integration helps you connect your Woocommerce store with Google Analytics, providing you an easier option than applying the typical GA code to your stores back end. This plugin, I’ve seen, also helps provide an easier route for integrating the ‘Ecommerce’ tracking within Google Analytics. It is a very powerful analytics plugin that I would highly recommend on any online store. It can help show various pieces of information including: landing page statistics, referral sources, session durations, bounce rates, live viewer count, and much more.

Price: Free

Woocommerce Google Analytics Integration Plugin Backend Settings

These are 5 plugins that I personally use within various websites I’ve created and can attest to the fact that they all provide exceedingly beneficial qualities to me as a store owner. If you are looking to help set your store apart from the competition, I would highly consider any of these extensions.


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