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Important Practices for Your Law Firm’s Website


Responsive Design

As more people use tablets and phones to access the web, a tailored experience across devices is vital. Responsive design means the site will scale and reorder content an optimal way for the appropriate device. For many websites, over 50% of traffic comes from mobile users, so we strive to simplify sites and make navigation for attorney information on the phone easy. Additionally, responsive design is good practice for SEO and is favored by Google generating greater search engine results.

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Simple, Convenient Methods of Contact

Law firm websites should give users several, simple ways to get in touch with the firm. In addition to the typical “Contact Us” page that is standard across websites, including a contact form at the bottom of every page and a “Quick Consultation” CTA button in the sticky header on the top allows the user to conveniently make inquiries. Some other great tactics include a general contact form, phone number & email address in the footer, and individual attorney contact information in their profile.

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Including a Blog & Using Inbound Links

A majority of law firms have, and maintain, a blog to use for content marketing. Attorney’s are excellent candidates for this type of content marketing, because they are good writers, they have unique information to share, and it shows off what they know. It keeps the website fresh and is great for the site ranking for a variety of search engine terms. Additionally, inbound links in blog articles allow the users to easily go from reading the latest post to the contact or practice area pages. We highly recommend tagging blog content based on practice area, so the user continues moving throughout the whole site.

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Client Testimonials

Success and new business for many law firms hinges on referrals and word-of-mouth. Incorporating client testimonials on the website brings personality, credibility, and trust to the firm’s brand. Ask your favorite clients to leave a review on Google+ business for a boost in local SEO ranking.

Maxmedia Creates Legal Website Testimonials


Focus on Usability and Design

Legal websites must be professional and user-friendly. Navigation throughout the site should be intuitive to ensure optimal usability. Strong, consistent design keeps users on the site longer and allows the firm to excel in their respective areas.

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