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by | Oct 22, 2018 | Videography

We recently did a great interview with the newest member of our team, Ada DeBusk, who has given us some insight into her industry and what role Video plays at Maxmedia.
So, what do you do at Maxmedia?
I produce video content for Maxmedia. 
Tell us a little about your typical day.
No day is the same. Sometimes there are shoots that require me to go on-set and capture content for our clients, other days I never leave my computer. In the mornings I go over my list of open projects and prioritize the day’s tasks. I begin editing, requesting files from our graphics team, refine art direction with our Creative Director, and sending completed videos off to the social or web departments.
How do you keep yourself inspired within your industry and [what] keeps you moving yourself and Maxmedia forward?
I am always amazed at what individuals create in any medium. There is constantly new technology, techniques, and audience-standards in video that keep me learning. Maxmedia’s approach encourages the creative team to grow as a unit as well as within their craft. 
Within such a dynamic field, how do you stay ahead of the curve?
While I keep up with industry leaders, I keep tabs on the talented local community. In order to excel at work I have to be inspired and appreciative of the work that goes into production.
Where do you see your industry going and what is the largest influential factor on your industry today?
The opportunities are endless from whether you believe vertical will be a standard or foresee AR as an obtainable market. Regardless of where trends lead us, video is our best communication tool  and it’s influenced by the audience.
How do you utilize these advances or changes in the industry for clients?
The perpetual trends keep the market rapidly growing as everyone takes their shot at it. We ensure there is a standard in quality amongst clients, but not a repetitive-style in client’s content. What works for one will not work for the other.
What advances are most useful for clients and what things ultimately hurt the industry?
Step out of comfort zones to show your audience who your brand is. Repetition and settling for the same-old doesn’t convert a sale.
Why closed captions are important?
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