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by | Jun 18, 2018 | Videography

A clear reason for adding closed captioning to your videos is for hearing-impaired viewers. Hearing loss is more prevalent than cancer or diabetes, accounting for 48 million Americans according to the Hearing Loss Association of America.
Why closed captions are important?
However, offering closed captions also captures the attention of those scrolling in public environments. Have you ever scrolled past a video because you couldn’t follow along without audio and didn’t want to disturb others by turning the volume up? The option of subtitles seizes the attention of a wider audience. You increase your chances of engagement with this additional visual element.

In addition to the auditory ease subtitles offer, they also aid viewers who are not fluent in your language. Translated scripts, or closed captions, invites an international audience. This viewership boosts your content’s discoverability. Did you know any translated descriptions and captions are included in search results – hello, SEO. YouTube says two-thirds of one’s audience often comes from outside of their home country. This tool helps non-native speakers not only discover your content – but continue watching with help from the captions.

Closed captioning provides a sense of reliability.

Headphones aren’t needed, you don’t have to adjust the volume or reveal what you’re watching, and you won’t miss a cue since everything is laid out in text. Many brands now go into the creation of videos with the intent that it will be played with sound off. In an effort to not have your content skipped, captioning allows your brand to be better equipped for video advertisement. It’s simple – skipping captioning increases the chance your video will be skipped.

Whether your inspiration for inclusion is inspired by the hearing-impaired or those hiding their social swiping during business hours, closed captioning benefits your brand and viewers. Content is more likely to be consumed over mobile when there is the option of subtitles. We work incredibly hard to produce videos we’re proud of and adding subtitles only adds to the competition. The process of implementing closed captions may seem daunting – but I promise it isn’t difficult.

Comment below if you have questions on the process! Have you noticed any changes in analytics after captioning and what are your thoughts?



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