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One of the biggest fashion trends in recent history has been the infamous “ Dad Shoes.” High end designers have been going out of their way to create oversized, bulky, arguably ugly footwear.


The look has been adopted by multiple titans of the fashion industry like Gucci, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. One of the most infamous dad shoes have been Balenciaga’s ever popular “Triple S” sneaker. It features thick laces, a variety of colors, and an almost clown shoe esc silhouette.

Dad shoes made their first big wave in the early 2010’s with multiple fashion icons such as Kendell Jenner, Kanye west, and Bella Hadid being spotted in what was at the time, ridiculously bulky shoes. It was at this time that the term “Dad Shoe” was coined. Many compared this type of sneaker to old beat up shoes a suburban dad would wear. However, given time, the dad shoe found itself becoming a luxury piece. Some shoes finding themselves on the market with a price tag over $1,000.

Dad shoes became popular seemingly out of nowhere. Some claim the shoes have a sense of edginess to them, being such a big contrast from any other high-end footwear in recent memory. Others claim the trend to be just that; a trend that will eventually die out. No matter what side you’re on, no one can deny that streetwear has been forever changed with the emergence of the truly unique shoes.

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