Tourism advertising is an important industry for countries all over the globe. Its positive impact on a country’s social and economic development opens up opportunities for business, investments, jobs, and keeps the heritage and culture alive. Tourism campaigns have the opportunity to showcase the unique qualities that a country has to offer. Through these campaigns, many have found a sense of wanderlust to explore these sites. The following are some of the unique tourism campaigns from around the world:


This campaign taps into the arts and cultural sides of Toronto. Dancers can be seen roaming around the city, art is a predominant aspect in their lifestyle, and the diversity of its cultures welcomes all.  The ad would not be complete without a cameo from Drake, emphasizing that “The Views Are Different Here.”


In this ad, the narrator highlights the best features of his home: the numerous infinity pools, a terrace that is custom-designed with panoramic floor-to-ceiling views, and even a minimalist style bathroom, complete with every necessity. It is revealed that his home is the entire country of Sweden.

In partnership with Airbnb, Sweden is listed to encourage their principle of Allemansrätten, meaning “the freedom to roam,” which is a Swedish law that gives people the right to share and explore its nature.


Airports are prime advertisement locations for tourism, but the space can be costly. Peru creatively utilized the cheapest and most attention grabbing airport location: the baggage carousel. This resulted in the Suitcases of Peru, a collection of suitcases that display a number of Peru’s beautiful scenery.


Every once in a while, we’re struck with a bad day and wish for a vacation from our mundane routine. Dubai taps into these wishes by turning the day around for a couple Londoners with a surprise on their morning commute. The ad follows these lucky guests around the various fun activities that can be found in Dubai.


Graubünden is a small rural region in Switzerland, known for its peaceful environment. This interactive campaign uses a live video feed to set up an impromptu conversation between a resident and travelers at a train station. The man in the video feed encourages passers-by to join him on the countryside for a quick visit to his home, train ticket included.

In another interactive campaign, Tschlin , one of the many villages in Graubünden, is hailed as one of the quietest in the region. It’s so quiet, that when a phone rings, it can be heard throughout the entire village. So the people of the village bet a holiday to anyone whose call is not picked up in time. In only six days, over 30,000 calls were made and the campaign went viral.

It’s interesting to see the different perspectives of countries all over the world. Whether it is through an vicarious approach or a more direct approach, each country’s message is clearly executed.
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