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Last night, many Americans sat down around their televisions to watch Super Bowl LIII. Many of whom anticipated its half-time performance of Spongebob’s “Sweet Victory,” after over a million people rallied a petition to honor the late, Stephan Hillenburg, the creator of Spongebob. But were disappointed by the fact that a short clip of this beloved show was only used to introduce Travis Scott and his song, “Sicko Mode.” Despite this disappointment, this year’s commercials had a wide variety of range, from celebrity highlights for comedic relief to advancements in tech to warm the heart. Here are some of our 2019 Top Super Bowl Ads.


Many people can relate to this ad’s restaurant experience when asked, “Is Pepsi OK?” This Pepsi ad features Steve Carell as he makes it a point that Pepsi is, in fact, OK with him. Carell continues to be supported by Lil Jon and Cardi B as they exclaim their signature expressions.


Bubly featured Michael Bublé in their commercial this year with a play on words between the singer’s name and the company. Bublé continues to be insistent on the pronunciation of the product to be the same as his, until a young fan asks for his autograph. The ending of the commercial shows Bublé “correcting” the name of the product.


Doritos brought it back to the 90s with Chance the Rapper and a special appearance by the Backstreet Boys. The ad is a mini music video remix of the Backstreet Boys song, “I want it that way,” and Chance the Rapper rapping about Doritos, complete with brightly vehicles and colored smoke. This also included a brightly painted airplane, reminiscent of the airplane scene that was also used in the Backstreet Boys original music video.


Expensify brought us an unsuspecting collaboration between Adam Scott and 2 Chains with the world’s first music video that can be expensed. At the start of the music video, they prompt their viewers to download their app and scan the codes that are scattered throughout their music video. This is a smart move on their part as it motivates viewers to download and try out their service in order to win a prize. This ad also brings in a 2019 design trend by fusing real life and flat 2D cartoons together.

Amazon – Alexa

Most companies want to showcase their successes. Amazon, however, took a comedic spin on failed Alexa products such as a toothbrush, dog collar, hot tub, and energy switch. It goes to show that even the best have failures in their journey to develop their product.


Microsoft’s Super Bowl Ad highlights their Xbox Adaptive Controller, bringing awareness to universal inclusivity. Their ad focuses on the stories of passionate young gamers bringing their a-game with the help of the Xbox Adaptive Controller and support from their family. This ad is both heartwarming and wholesome as it emphasizes that “When everyone plays, we all win.”

What was your favorite Super Bowl ad? Leave us a comment below!


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