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I love music! Who doesn’t? I listen to music all day long and it totally inspires my creative process. We all have our favorite albums, tracks, and bands. So here is a list of my favorite album covers (well just all around good records).

There are so many more that I could add to this list, but I kept it to only five with some awesome art. The list is ordered chronologically, so enjoy!


Héctor Lavoe


Released in 1978, Comedia is the third album from the Puerto Rican Salsa legend, Héctor Lavoe. He pours out his heart and soul with some of the most raw, introspective songs ever known in the salsa world. He is one of the most important singer in the history of Salsa. On the cover, Lavoe is dressed like Charlie Chaplin, an ode to the self-deprecating humor masking the profound genius of Chaplin, and Lavoe.

The Clash

London Calling

The cover of the Clash’s iconic album London Calling is one of the most recognizable covers to this day. Released in 1979, Paul Simonon, the band’s bass player, smashed his guitar into the stage of the New York Palladium which was captured by photographer Pennie Smith. She didn’t want the photo to be used due to the fact that it is out of focus because she was dodging Simonon shrapnel.

The Pixies


Release in April of 1989, The Pixies wrote this an amazing album, Dolittle. The artwork for the cover was done my London native, Simon Larbalestier, in collaboration with British graphic designer, Vaughan Oliver. Over the years, this duo created the distinctive look for all of the Pixies’ albums including Surfer Rosa and Bossanova among other well known bands of the late 80s and early 90s.

Kanye West

The College Dropout

The College Dropout, a Kanye West classic, was released in 2004. This album debuted the Dropout Bear Mascot, who is sitting all alone on the bleacher inside an ornate gold frame. The cover was designed by Eric Duvauchelle in collaboration with West resulting in one of the most iconic characters to grace the cover of an album in the new millennium. In case you didn’t know, Mr. West is actually wearing the Dropout Bear costume.

Tyler, the Creator

Flower Boy

Released in 2017, the cover the Tyler, the Creator’s album was created by visual artist and painter Eric White, who prides himself on creating pieces that are trippy, desolate, and slightly macabre. Flower Boy is equal parts bubble bees, impending doom, and blinding colors. This work of art was an entirely collaborative effort between White and Tyler’s concept.

I’m sure you have some opinions of your own based on this short list, so let us know what great album covers we missed!


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