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In 2018, a few of the design trends we saw included the use of gradients and semi-flat design, the mixture of illustrations with text, the growing popularity of micro animations, and minimalist design. We’re in our third week of 2019 and design is fusing styles from the past with the present. These are the 2019 Design Trends to look out for.

Vivid & MetalliC colors

As seen in 2018, gradients and duotones were a big hit in the design world and will continue to be a trend throughout 2019. The use of color will take a step further with the use of brighter and bolder color combinations.

Metallic colors are also making their way into 2019. Utilizing these metallic and iridescent effects as a means to accentuate designs to another level and can be seen especially in packaging and print.

Vivid Color 3D Cartoonish Mock up of mini ferris wheel, Big Ben, pencil, graduation cap, iMac, and bottles for 2019 Design Trends

Source: EFL

Blanc Naturals Tea Mint and Peach Product Packaging with Metallic Colors for Plant accents for 2019 Design Trends


3D/ Realism + Flat Design

Like we had predicted, Flat design was a popular trend in 2018. 2019, however, combines the flat with the 3-Dimensional and Realism. Combining these worlds and experimenting with various textures result in an aesthetically intriguing look.

Sugar is Out, Protein is in text next to Aloha Granola Bar on top of palm leaf illustration with chocolate chips and peanut butter dollops showing combination of Realism with Flat Design for 2019 design Trends


Man with sunglasses and formal wear holding a mop with water drop and tree illustration showing Realism and Flat Design for 2019 Design Trends



As if text couldn’t get enough of our attention, 2019 presents its self with bigger, bolder, and louder typography.

Maxi Impact – With bold fonts come great impact. This allows for higher readability, especially on mobile devices. This is beneficial as the majority of people are more inclined to browse on a mobile device rather than a desktop.

World Class Amsterdam Website Home page with Word Class 1 Maxi Impact Typography for 2019 Design Trends

Outline – Repetition is one of the key effects used with outlined typography. In order to get the message across, it puts an added emphasis on the subject matter, especially when there is filled text within the outlined typography.

Man in Black hoodie with a white stripe standing with hands in his pockets inside a room with the words "WHY NOT?" Repeated in Outline Typography as a 2019 Design Trend

Source: Chad Mann

3-Dimensional – Three-dimensional text is as loud as you can get with grabbing one’s attention. Demanding attention, 3-Dimensional Typography brings in an immersive effect to design and will be a growing trend this year.

3-Dimensional Typography Pop Art with 3D mountains, lips, hands, guitar, balloons and clouds for 2019 Design Trends

Source: Pinch Studio

Open Layout

Moving away from modular grid layout we’ve seen in previous years, design, more so in the web space, has lended itself into another realm with open layouts. This design trend provides the illusion of an infinite composition while only showing part of the whole design. This also creates a feeling of curiosity and wonder for the user to explore the space.

About Illustrator Llew Mejia GIF navigating through open layout description, page illustration and video for 2019 Design Trends

Source: EvaAir

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) has progressively been implemented as the technology to incorporate it in designs helps in creating a unique experience for users. From art installations to Google AR stickers, AR has brought the digital realm into the real world through the lens of our mobile device.

What are your thoughts on this year’s upcoming Design Trends? Leave a Comment Below!



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