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Design trends come and go, others stick around. In 2017, we saw negative space being used in innovative and creative ways, bold colors, and hand-crafted illustrations. We don’t know what 2018 has in store for creative agencies in Orlando, but we do have some design predictions.
Responsive logos

In an increasingly digital world dominated by small screens, logos need to adapt to different devices and screen resolutions. This moves away from traditional fixed logos we have been trained to leave unchanged, and toward creating flexible designs that remain iconic and identifiable. Rather than a logo that cannot be touched, adapted, or altered, logos can look different across platforms while still being recognizable through effective design. Yes, a logo is an element of a brand; however, it is not the whole brand. The digital world has unleashed a pandora’s box of opportunities when it comes to functionality and design, so why not exploit these resources at our disposal.

Illustrations and Text

As you can see in our Top 10 Design Trends of 2017, Illustration has been very popular in the past year which will continues. Hand drawn elements and unique works of art make your brand stand out. The blending of photography and illustration will play a large role in 2018 Design Predictions. When it comes to typography, personalized fonts and hand-written text will be taking the lead along with bold, serif fonts. The movement away from the polished and toward a gritty, real-world approach to photography and illustration going hand-in-hand with the shift from the technical to the artisanal and the resurgence of handicrafts as valued works of art. Society is craving design that has integrity and draws inspiration from reality. A return to the old-fashion and the personal is a nod to the past and a way to stand out.

Micro Animations and Cinemagraphs

Micro-Animation has grown in popularity over the past few years, which will continue being a powerful trend in 2018. Small, simple animations capture the user’s attention and prevents the user from missing an important element of the design. Micro-animation provides visual feedback and conveys change clearly. The interface becomes more intuitive and enhances the experience of the user. This allows designs to extend beyond words to convey a message that is intriguing and functional. This extends to photography and video as well in the form of Cinemagraphs which captivate and drives user engagement.

Simplified Design

By Simplified design, it does not necessarily mean minimalism. However, more than likely in 2018, this trend will continue. For a touch of grit in a minimal design, brutalism is making a resurgence. As a nod to the mid-century, Brutalism embraces the plain and confronts the user with raw truth with the freedom to tell it like it is. Materials, textures, shapes, and monochromatic color pallets place focus on powerful imagery without overly detailed design. Looking back on modernism from 1940-1970, this movement is stark, rugged, and uncomfortable, and stands out among the hyper-colored digital world.

Gradients and Semi-Flat Design

In the past few years, design has veered away from the use of shadows and gradients in favor of stripped-down flat design. However, in the coming year gradients will be making a nice comeback through semi-flat design, accentuating dimensionality and bringing depth back into designs. The principals of flat design, like reducing visual noise, are maintained in semi-flat design, while still finding a balance between form and usability. Gradients, drop shadows, and simple animation brings movement and user engagement, because emphasis can be placed on important elements drawing the consumer’s eyes to what matters most.

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