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Studies have shown that learning languages have many benefits that include improved memory, perceptiveness, and decision-making skills. Celebrities such as RM from BTS learned how to speak English through watching the popular show Friends. Even our very own Marketing Director, Marti, also learned English from watching Transformers, Voltron, and Thunder Cats. Although, I’m still learning my mother tongue, I wanted to continue learning other languages. Over time, I found myself taking interest in watching foreign television. Below are some of my favorite TV shows and movies that have helped me in learning some of the basics.

Running Man

The basis of the show Running Man is a reality-variety show, where the hosts of the show (and celebrity guests) compete in various games and challenging missions to win in each show. What I find unique about this show is that the hosts of are from various parts of the entertainment industry, from singers to comedians. It brings a very human and playful element to their celebrity guests and to themselves. This show has become so popular globally that they’ve filmed their show in a number of countries like China, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and many more. Their show has also been translated into various languages such as English, Persian, French, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Russian.

Korean Reality Show, Running Man

Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds

Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds follows the afterlife of a firefighter and three grim reapers who guide the firefighter through 7 trials within 49 days in order to determine whether he lived his life purposefully and is deserving of reincarnation. The 7 trials of sin consist of betrayal, violence, indolence, murder, deceit, filial piety, and injustice. Korean movies always have a way with tugging at the heart strings, and this movie doesn’t disappoint. This film has also become blockbuster hit in not only South Korea, but also in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and is even available on Hulu for international audiences to enjoy.

Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds


Naruto, originally a manga series by Masashi Kishimoto, follows the life of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village. He lives a lonely childhood but seeks the recognition of his peers. Through hard work and determination, he aimed to become the leader of his village one day. Like many anime fans, Naruto was one of the big animes that was a childhood favorite. I watched Naruto since middle school and I still find my self going back to it. As a series that grew up with its audience, Narutoholds a special place in my heart with its comedy, storyline, and connection.



Kizniver tells the story of a futuristic Japanese town created for the purpose of a large-scale experiment called the Kizna System. The Kizna System connects people (Kiznaivers) to one another through the experience of physical and emotional pain. One character in particular, a mysterious and emotionless girl, tells a group of high school students that they’ve been selected to become Kiznaivers. Through this connection of shared pain, they build meaningful bonds between their different personalities.

Japanese Anime, Kizniver


Clannad is about the life of Tomoya, a high schooler delinquent who sees life through a grey lens. On his walk to school, he meets an intriguing girl named Nagisa, who helps Tomoya find the color in life by experiencing life together. This anime is a tear jerking, touching on some sensitive topics that lead to tragic events.

Japanese Anime, Clannad


Erased is a butterfly effect mystery-thriller about a young man names Satoru, who is wrongly accused of murdering his own mother and must find the real murderer. He unknowingly obtains the ability to go back in time. With this ability, which he calls “Revival, ” Satoru is knocked back 18 years into the past. During this time, another tragedy happens that Satoru must also prevent, with the help of his friends. This series became popular enough to be made into a live action Netflix Original.

Japanese Anime, Erased

As a long-time fan of Korean and Japanese shows, what was helpful in learning these languages was how these shows are edited. Watching with subtitles & annotations help to recognize the meaning of what they say and what characters look like.

Overall, despite the language barrier, what connects us is the shared human experience. These shows all share different aspects of that experience, which is what I find the most intriguing and keeps me hooked on watching.

Do you watch foreign shows? What’re your favorites? Let me know below!

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  1. Casandra

    One of my all time favorites is Cowboy Bepop!


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