Tips Before You Post Your Merchandise in Facebook Marketplace

The high level of connection and communication give Facebook Marketplace leverage than other social media platforms. Its primary significance is in marketing, brand recognition, customer-client interaction, and business operations.

 To reap the benefits, understand the social media principle for targeted posting with positive results. Your Facebook business account portrays your brand; at a glance, a customer should love your product or service even before using it.

 Here are a few tips you need to know before you click the post button


  1. Have an in-depth understanding of your audience


Facebook marketplace is an open market. All races, ages, the rich, the poor, professionals and business representatives have unlimited access.

 Not everyone is your potential buyer or follower. However, as you focus on likes and viewership, they should add value to your business.

 Moreover, a targeted post brings everyone on board; those are crucial leads. You never know how helpful they can be in your business.

 A better understanding of your audience defines how you tailor your post to suit them. The best indicator of a social media post well suited for your audience includes.

  • More likes and followers within a short period
  • Many inquiries including inboxes
  • Too many shares of a specific cost
  • Many referrals


  1. Know the purpose of posting

Don’t just post for the sake of posting. You become monotonous to your audience. Even you, do you see some posts and scroll before even attempting to read.

 It’s because either the content is obvious or boring; there is nothing to look forward to in any new post.

 As much as there are scheduling tools available in the market, your audience must not know of it. Your tact in managing your posts portrays your professionalism in your business strategy. Ask the following questions before you post

  • Will my post add value?
  • How will my followers feel about the timing of the post?
  • Does it maintain the integrity of the company?
  • Is it different from the previous post?

Let these answers be a guide on the best time and way to handle your social media posts.

 If the purpose is to educate, then ensure your content creator writes in excellent and understandable English. The content must be factual and valuable.

 The worst mistake you can make to your business is to create a post that demeans your competitors.

Instead of popularizing your brand, you have an increased audience for them. Your loyal followers who never knew about the other brand may want to have a first-hand experience about it, not your usual rant. As they say, think before you talk post, we say think before you post.


  1. Use appealing demographics


It’s common to use demographics to catch attention, especially when in the service industry. It’s in order and a focal point for anyone.

 It explains why newspapers also use graphics to drive a point. However, let the choice of your images be relevant and appealing to the eye.

 Unless you are in a pornographic business, stay away for illicit content, they attract the wrong audience.

 As an entrepreneur, your images must uphold your business vision, mission, and professionalism in the enterprise.

 Besides, in case you opt for video content, let it be brief and to the point, who has all the time to listen to your long videos.

 It’s vital to uphold integrity in the use of demographics in the Facebook marketplace. It is its power to make or break the company’s image.

 Look at these factors to consider before making posting a picture or audio or video on the social media marketplace


  • Must be visible
  • Should be in line with privacy guidelines
  • Simple and straight to the point
  • Must communicate at a glance
  • Use minimal graphic presentation tools -too much is too little.


  1. Put yourself in the shoes of your followers.

Before you share that post from your computer or smartphone, remove the owner’s shoes and wear one of the followers.


 How will you look at the post?

 What would be your first impression?

 Your thoughts on this prove the credibility of your post to your audience. Have a “no offense” policy.

 Never be heartless to the follower. Are you offending them or educating them on your product.

 Obviously, not all posts go well with the followers, have a backup plan to deal with all manner of criticisms and negative feedback. Your choice of language and how you present it defines professionalism in the brand.


  1. Never post all your merchandise on one post.



Schedule your post in such a manner you give your audience time to reflect on your product. It shouldn’t be too soon or too late.

 Start with one product, listen to the online response. As you deal with it, introduce another one.

 It’s a psychological methodology to make people have something to benefit when one product doesn’t seem to satisfy his or her need.

 Why do we have many similar products from one company?

 The reason is to widen their market as they slowly trap their customers to their business strategy.

 You have all the tips at your fingertips before you make your post on the Facebook social market. Consider all of them, with time; you will be a master in social media marketing to your merchandise business advantage.