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Social media is my forte and my passion. However, I get frustrated with the way people approach social media. In general, it is a mysterious place and not everyone knows what they are doing, but that’s okay. It is very complex and there is a lot of noise on all the levels: the user level, the admin level, and the business level. It can be really overwhelming, and I can understand why people have no idea what it is all about. 


Within Facebook there are many unknown tools available to everyone. For example, “Audience Insights” allows you to see information and data about the users within your area, industry, or page. It is available to almost everybody for free.

Within Facebook there are many different products to advertise through. Boosting your post or page can have an impact; however, it is not a guarantee that your advertisements will reach your audience. In reality, Facebook is removing many of their boost functions, in favor of Facebook Ad Manager and other tools. Social media comes down to communicating through apps and posts that are relevant to your industry. While users are in these apps, they’re getting to see your ad on multiple platforms, including videos and live streams. Facebook is  also beginning to place a lot of their attention on live videos. These live streams have become a powerful tool in advertising that allows you to share your story in real time with your audience.


Social media is changing every single day. When we look at radio, billboards, or magazines, we understand these industries were cutting edge at one point. However, they haven’t changed in years. Social media is a dynamic industry, and it can go a long way when you know what you’re doing and keep up to date with new innovations. Every single day there’s a new app or a new platform that allows you to engage with your audience. A simple five-dollar investment, time, and effort can put your brand in front of people anywhere and everywhere.


Social media is a noisy place, which is why listening is a crucial part of a successful campaign. Think about how you use social media. How much do you take in? How much do you scroll past? How much do you interact? Are you actually listening to your customers? Are you looking at your competitors? Rather than placing emphasis on posting, talking, and putting out as much content as possible; let’s think of social media as a conversation. What are people talking about in travel? In food? In fashion? In music? Direct information like this can help to target your advertising dollars and your interactions online. This dialogue is beneficial in any industry, and can expose your business to people who are interested in you.


Letting your nephew do some posts on your page probably didn’t result in what you wanted. It takes constant effort and work to create conversations that develop into a community and interactions. This is when you start seeing substantial benefits. Facebook, among other platforms, reward you for getting people talking. Facebook cranks up your visibility when you’re able to confirm interactions.

There are incredible tools out there so you know where you succeeded and where you fail. You can learn to tailor your content you your audiences. Don’t let yourself be ruined by thinking a picture that didn’t get a great response doesn’t matter. The goal is communication, developing relationships, and sharing you and your business authentically.


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