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Since it’s creation in 2010, Instagram has steadily shown it’s value – recently hitting one-billion active users.

Instagram emulates authenticity which is a challenge in traditional media. Campaign promotions and sponsorships are seamlessly placed within a user’s feed and creates less hesitation from a buyer. This platform allows brands to connect with users more intimately than anywhere else. Beneficial features include a community behind hashtags, a sense of urgency with disappearing Stories/Live, and the unwavering love for a good insta theme.

“How your feed appears can inspire a potential client as quickly as it can disinterest a possible customer.”

Putting a little love in your theme creates a better user experience and will influence a passerby to follow you. Maybe you’re into the muted yet sophisticated tonal appearance. These brands and bloggers radiate a sense of simplicity, which helps draw attention to shoppable posts.

Less commitment, but still a branding effort, can be put into photo-sets often used by photographers or brands showing off their latest work.

My personal favorite is the subtle monochromatic vibe you can alter per season.

A theme shouldn’t overwhelm you as they are quite simple to do. An overall pop of color can show off your products. Brand’s love a checkerboard grid, informing you with quotes and then great product shots. As seen below, this photographer is calculated with his frames to provide an interesting structure.

Whatever your preference is just be sure to stick to it. Inconsistencies reflect upon the brand and won’t help in building your business. No statistic can tell you that a certain color palette will sell, but an appealing and thoughtful feed is more likely to capture your audience’s attention. Instagram is evolving and no longer keeping up with our daily lives – it’s setting the pace for how and when we share our lives.

“Our goal is to not just be a photo-sharing app, but to be the way you share your life when you’re on the go,” Founder Kevin Systrom


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