Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Graphic Designer For Your Business

No two designers are the same and so their deliverables.

A picture is worth thousands of words. Unlike words, you can use images to convey complex messages faster and efficiently.

The highly competitive corporate world calls for effective marketing of your business. This is where graphic designers come in to help you achieve that goal.

Designers create appealing logos to boost your brand. Even if you can’t afford an entire team of designers, you can still achieve your marketing goals with freelance graphic designers.

They’re cost-effective and still deliver top-notch results.

Graphic designers work with all kinds of companies across different industries. The potential of designers is only limited by their personal experience with related companies and research they’re able to do.

However, upon meeting your team, a designer is able to understand particulars about your business: what you do and your client base or target market.

Some responsibilities of graphic designers include:

  • Creating visual content that conveys messages
  • Applying page layout and visual hierarchy techniques
  • Using pictures and typography to meet the needs of your users
  • Using interactive designs to improve user experience
  • Solve challenges with visual communication

Some of the skills and knowledge of graphic designers include:

  • Understanding of production and techniques of rendering such as offset printing, drawing, and photography.
  • Interactive and time-based media such as video, film, and computer multimedia.
  • Color management in various media.

It’s important to hire the right graphic designer; your choice can make or break your marketing (or brand) goals.

A good designer adapts easily to your brand aesthetics, completes projects on time, and has worked on a similar project like yours. Hiring one without these qualities may cost your business losses.

Therefore, you need to ask the right questions during the hiring process to ensure that you bring onboard the perfect designer for your business needs. Here’re a few questions to ask during the interview to help you hire the right designer:

11 Questions to Ask Potential Graphic Designers before Hiring for Your Brand

  1. What motivated you to apply for this job?

This question can help you find out if the graphic designer is genuinely interested in your project and company at large. The final product will show if the designer loved working on your project.


You don’t want to wait to know because it’ll be a losing situation for both parties.

Ask questions that assess their knowledge of your goals and business. How well do their answers align their interests and skills to your business goals?

The right designer understands your needs, what you want to do, and why. Familiarity with your brand either as a previous customer or any other kind of interaction is important.

  1. What’s your current workload?

How much attention do you need from your designer? If you intend to get lots of attention, make sure you find out if they’re busy with other projects.

Can the designer realistically work on your project? Set clear expectations about your requirements to ascertain that the designer you hire can meet them.

  1. What’s your design aesthetic?

Hire a designer whose work is in line with your envisioned general design aesthetics for your pending project.

Look through the designer’s portfolio to get a sense of their aesthetics and if it’s aligned to yours to ensure you get what you pay for.

Other questions to ask include:

  1. How do you approach or begin a new project?
  2. How’s your design process?
  3. Can you take me through the portfolio?
  4. How do you solve conflicts with clients?
  5. What makes you a good designer?
  6. What design project or brand inspires you?
  7. Do you prefer teamwork or collaboration?
  8. How long does it take you to complete a project like this one?