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A little history tidbit for you, Maxmedia started as Maxmedia Outdoor Advertising in 1972 as an outdoor advertising company focusing on “static” billboards throughout Central Florida. Although Maxmedia Outdoor has since been sold, Maxmedia Creates now offers digital billboard advertising as one of our marketing tools.

Digital billboard located in Orlando, Florida

Billboards are one of the most eye-catching and powerful methods of advertising in today’s marketplace. As the industry has evolved, digital billboards have become the preferred option over static billboards for a multitude of reasons:


1. Allowing Clients to use Multiple Designs

Rather than being stuck with one design like with Static Billboards, a business can advertise multiple services that rotate periodically on one billboard for the same price. Restaurants can advertise several specials, law firms can advertise various services, hospitality can advertise several events, etc.


2. Digital Technology Has Opened Up New Opportunities

For example, the evolution of digital billboard technology allows user to stream live content from their social media platforms and website in real-time.


3. Aesthetically Pleasing

Traditionally, digital billboards are more pleasing on the eyes for passing motorists and consumers, because they automatically alter their lighting based on weather conditions and time of day assuring the client’s creative looks as good and bright as possible.


4. Taking Control of Time

Digital Billboards allow clients to advertise certain things at certain times. Restaurants could creative designs that advertise coffee, breakfast, etc. during the morning hours, while advertising lunch, dinner, and happy hour in the evening hours.


When it comes to billboards, our philosophy at Maxmedia Creates is strategic planning, clean designs, and maximizing visibility. We believe that awesome creative is only one part of a powerful outdoor campaign. It is vital to place that great creative in the ideal location and show it off at the right time of day. The digitally illuminated signs also allow for 24 hour advertising, day or night!

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