When designing your next billboard, you want to stand out. Choosing the right colors for your outdoor campaign can make the difference between being seen and fading into the background. Color impacts how well information is remembered, so how do you know which colors are going to get you the attention you deserve?
Select No More than 3 Colors

Be selective about which colors you use in your outdoor ad. Too many colors leads to confusion and weakens the overall effectiveness of your billboard. The rule of thumb is “No More than 3 Colors.”

Be Bright, Be Bold

Subtle colors get lost. Simply put, they just don’t work. Instead, opt for fully saturated, vivid colors that stand out against the nature that surrounds the billboard. Don’t blend with the scenery by using subtle, neutral, or pastel colors.

Use High Contrast Colors

Don’t use colors with a similar hue, frequency, or color family. If you want you message to be easy for the viewers to read, colors that contrast with each other will make your billboard pop! The color combinations to the left are the best choices when designing a billboard that is highly visible and memorable.

Ultimately, color plays a large roles in making an effective billboard campaign. Picking the right colors could make or break your design. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of the viewer who is zooming past your ad with barely a glance. Pick the colors that make it easy for drivers to see your ad and will stick in their heads long after seeing your outdoor advertisement.
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