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Long before graphic design, color theory, and mathematical perspective, nature has been creating the ideal aesthetic forms.

Throughout our creative endeavors as designers and artists, we strive to conceive of something as perfect as what grows on our planet without fail. While we could easily fumble through design after design with only the knowledge we have on hand, taking a moment to observe the world around us can be a invaluable resource for free design advice. Although math may not be my area of specialization, math remains a fundamental part of the creative process; providing inspiration for work that is visually pleasing. The Golden Ratio is one of the most fundamental mathematical tools that has been plucked from nature and used in everything from the Pepsi Logo ® to the Ancient Acropolis to create pleasing proportions.

As human beings, we have evolved to recognize these patterns in nature whether we are aware of it or not. By basing the proportion of a color pallet, the layout of your webpage, or the design of your logo on established, natural patterns, it is immediately viewed as balanced, natural, comfortable, recognizable, and stable. Creating a great design goes further and has more universal appeal because these natural patterns are ingrained in our minds. Now all of this complicated math and science sounds fine and dandy, but what does it really mean to you, your clients, or your customers? Let’s think about color.

When establishing a fresh color pallet for your newest endeavor, there seems to be an infinite number of options and endless places to start. I find the best options and ideas stem from the surrounding environment. For example, as a native Floridian, I am lucky to see some of the most beautiful birds either making a permanent home or stopping by on a longer journey. By taking the proportion of colors found naturally in the environment of the bird, a color pallet can emerge that is unique, relevant, and balanced. The main colors are obvious; however, the accent colors can take on new life in your design when used in the same ratio that is naturally occurring in birds.

When approaching your next design project or having a discovery meeting for your next concept, take time to discover the world around you. Because the natural world is sometime the best collaborator. Where in the world do you find the most inspiration?


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