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After a long day at the office, everyone needs a way to decompress. However, instead of plopping down and binge watching my favorite show, I like to do something a little more hands on. Marti has his watches, Casandra has her knitting, and I have my crafting.

Last January, I got a Cricut Explore Air to help out with a lot of my wedding DIY and have grown an appreciation for crafting and working with my hands. At work I spend all day on the computer so the ability to create something that is more tangible is very satisfying.In just 10 months, I have worked a lot with my Cricut Maker and wanted to share some of the DOs and DONTs I have learned along the way.

DO get creative. 

Everyday I work closely with my clients to make sure their brand is well represented in the creative that we make. This means making sure that the right fonts are used, the colors match the established shades, and everything we create is brand-aligned. So it is nice to come home to my own projects where I have complete creative control. For my wedding, my typefaces and palette are unlike anything I have made for my clients and it is uniquely me.

DON’T be afraid to try new things.

Have you been roaming Pinterest and found an amazing project you want to tackle but have no idea how? Go for it! What is the worst that can happen? I find these projects are worth your time and energy because you may learn some good lessons along the way.

DO learn the basics of the Adobe Suite.

This is important. I may be a little biased with my graphic design background but getting to know how to effectively use Photoshop or Illustrator will go a long way. You will find that by investing in your skills, it will become easier and cheaper to tackle the bigger projects.

DON’T undervalue your time.

After a few weeks of showing off your designs, people will come to you with their own projects. Take these on as they are good practice but don’t undervalue your talents. Crafting takes time and allow yourself enough time to take on these extra projects.

DO test your materials.

Always use cheap paper, vinyl, and scraps to test cuts. Settings may have shifted or the mat might start to lose tackiness. Trust me, I’ve wasted too much good material by not doing small tests.

DON’T rush your projects.

Working with the Cricut takes time and patience. If you have a set deadline, give yourself some time with the project. My biggest mistakes have happened when I’ve rushed a project. I would also suggest not drinking while Cricutting either. It makes for some uneven lines.

Being a graphic designer has made me a better crafter and these basic principles can be applied to anything creative related.
Tell us how you unwind after a long day at work.
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