#1 Start advertising early

It is important to begin preparing now, so you can launch your campaign after Halloween. The goal is to be ready in time for all of the days customers will be expecting deals, like Black Friday.

#2 Give your loyal customers special treatment during the holidays

The easiest sales to make are from your existing, loyal customers. Reach out through newsletters and campaigns that highlight promotions that your best customers get to hear about first.

#3 Design for both niche and mainstream holidays

In addition to holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, & New Year’s, get ready for the smaller sales holidays like Cyber Monday or Black Friday. 

#4 Target your ads to the right customers, or your marketing budget is going to get lost in all the promotions happening during the largest consumer spending time of the year.

Start by understanding when, where, and who the customers you are trying to reach are, and focus your energies and targeting on high traffic areas. Speak to the right customers at the right time.

#5 Make sure your website is running smooth and can handle the incoming traffic

After you have told all your customers about your upcoming sale, it is vital to make sure your website can handle the incoming traffic. The user experience must be effective and efficient. The is also your chance to capture data, like email addresses, about your new customers.

#6 A lot of holiday presents are bought on the phone, so make a mobile friendly shopping experience

Having an easy to navigate mobile site is extremely important for a successful sale season. The process must be simple, the font legible, and checking out easy enough for parents and grandparents to use.

#7 Use live-videos to share the good cheer

The idea here is simple, bring a face to your brand. Show your customers that your company is run by real people.

#8 If you have space for hosting an event, get the word out there

Holiday parties are a big deal and promoting your venue as an event space can be beneficial for the holiday season. Restaurants can host holiday pre-view nights or small boutiques can offer community get-togethers for after hour shopping. Get potential clients from the keyboard to the doorstep.

# 9 Cross-promote with other businesses

Utilize the power of the brands you sell. If you’re in retail, cross promote with the official channels of the designer. If you have a restaurant or bar, leverage the companies that make the wine, beer or spirits that you’d like to promote during this holiday season. There is power in brands and you need to leverage all of it that you can.

#10 After the sales, how do you get referrals and reviews while the momentum is still flowing

Sending out an after sale thank you newsletter is not only a nice thing, but also a great way to get reviews and social shares.

Let's start creating your holiday campaign!

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