The holiday season has arrived and Halloween has made its greetings known. With spooky decorations and a hint of pumpkin spice, Halloween is all about the witches, clowns, ghouls, and goblins coming out to play and companies are in on the fun. Especially with hundreds of millions of people celebrating around the world, it’s no wonder why they channel their inner dark side. Here are a few creative Halloween campaigns from previous years.

LG UK showcased the lifelike imaging of their line of IPS monitors with this Halloween elevator prank. The ad shows how the monitors were set up in the elevator, in addition to the added lighting and sound effects to scare its riders.
Burger King
As long time rivals, Burger King and McDonald’s have battled it out through various campaigns over the years. This Halloween campaign in particular sheds a darker light on what seems to be a resemblance of Ronald McDonald. He and other clowns chase a boy down dark roads until they reach a Burger King, where the boy finds the main clown already inside saying, “I want my whopper.” The ad ends with, “Come as a clown, eat like a king,” promoting that they gave a free whopper to any guests dressed as clowns.
M&M’s campaign takes a less terrifying and more family friendly approach with their cute and simple Halloween treat recipes. They’ve used the more visually orientated outlet of Instagram to showcase these short and simple M&M recipes.
Titled the “Join the Fearless” campaign, Budweiser made their unique attempt at tapping into a market where Halloween doesn’t even exist. Bringing Halloween to 17 countries, Budweiser hosted their own Halloween parties for their consumers to enjoy.
Stranger Things x Topshop
Last year, Netflix teamed up with Topshop in order to promote the Halloween release of the 3rd season of Stranger Things. They created an immersive, interactive experience at Topshop’s flagship store to bring the town of Hawkins to London.
Another viral prank most people will remember is the Carrie coffee shop prank. The ad shows a behind the scenes look into the creation of the scene and its execution. Unsuspecting coffee shop goers witness a woman getting into an argument with a man as she uses her telekinetic powers to lift him off the ground. This prank ties into the powers exhibited by Carrie in the movie.
Everyone has their own way of celebrating the darkness of this spooky season. How do you celebrate Halloween?
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