Da Kine Poke began as a local food truck in April 2016 by founders Pete Downing and Aaron Smith. Since then, they have expanded to four brick and mortar locations throughout central Florida. You can find them in downtown Orlando, Winter Park, Sanford, and at their newest location in New Smyrna Beach. As their company grew, a rebranding became an important step in their continued expansion. They were in need of a look that resonated with their philosophy and their target market.

The first step in this successful rebranding was establishing the core mission and values of Da Kine Poke. This could be expertly summed up with their new tagline, “Eat Fresh, Feel Fresh”. Rebranding their company was the perfect opportunity to determine the cornerstone of their brand and make choices that coincided with this idea. By moving away from the brighter colors to a more neutral pallet, we evoked a healthier, more up-to-date feeling. We also included the new tagline and tuna illustrations (which is a menu staple) to further drive home this fresh outlook. 



However, rebranding is not just about an new logo and an updated website. It is all about sharing the new look and feel across all mediums and making sure these new elements flow well with the existing ones. This is a company’s identity to the entire world, so it must resonate with the target audience. Simply put, there must be a consistent look that spans all elements including logo, packaging, signage, flyers, ads, social media, brick and mortar presence, and much more. For Da Kine Poke, this came through redesigning and retooling their menu, creating fresh bright signage, and cultivating a healthier community. 
Whether your company needs a complete overhaul or just a simple facelift, rebranding is a tool to mold your company into the right perception. This is an opportunity to strengthen your company’s identity and bring it in line with your values. Let us know if you are looking to update your company’s look. 


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